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The resolutions all Aquarians need to keep this year...
Posted by Wade Waverly on January 22, 2016
Everyone knows Aquarians like to think outside the box, but are you ACTING outside the box? I admit, I can get stuck in my routine, as out-there as that might appear to others. And I detest being stuck in a rut! So, I thought I’d share my New Year’s resolutions. As my Capricorn friend said, “Only an Aquarius would pick those!” Which will you try?

1. Revive a childhood passion. Maybe you liked to build forts... so why not create an oasis in a room, with lights and curtains and whatever else feels fun? Or, play hide and seek with another fun friend. Seriously, why not?
2. Take more day trips. At least once a month, venture outside your neighborhood and explore just-past-the-usual places. A 45-minute drive could lead you to an amazing discovery!
3. Start a blog. I don’t care if you post photographs, rant about corporate life, or teach others how to DIY whatever – just put yourself out there on the web. Anonymously, perhaps...
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