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2016 is your year, Scorpio. Get the full scoop…
Posted by Lola Stinger on March 18, 2016
I am super pumped and you should be too! The 2016 looks bright and bold for Scorpios!

In 2016, more seriously means more people, more places, and MORE accomplishments.

These are the highlights of what will be your best year so far:

• You will see virtue in the old as well as the new, and in the experimental as well as the standard.
• You've been working hard and your career will still be under focus this year, but in 2016, you finally get to will reap the rewards of all your efforts.
• Life's pace will be slower for you (so breath), but it will still be intense, just how lo like it.
Brush up your smile. New environments mean new experiences, and new faces bring you tons of more friendly support.
• Family and work may compete for your attention. As emotional as you are, you will follow your heart, but work will not suffer.
Your smartest period will be in the autumn, when you should make important decisions if you can.

It will be a magical year, Scorpio. Get even more excited by the complete version of your 2016 forecast here.
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