News and Facts about Sagittarius

Beauty & Style
With the right food, more is actually more, Sag!
Posted by Elissa Perri on February 9, 2016
You love ethnic cuisines. Anything new and different is what you'll try. Fine wine, craft beer, bizarre cocktails? Yup.

A food lover but hardly a food snob, you'll grab a burger and fries on the run. Take care! With expansive Jupiter as your ruler you could easily overindulge.

You don't have to fast or deny yourself the guilty pleasures you love, but you do need to take special care of your diet and nutrition. Do more and weigh less!

Eat more protein. And feel fuller longer.
Drink more water. Between meals and between cocktails.
Do more yoga. And foster compassion for your body.
Bike more miles. Burn calories and tone your backside.
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