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Daily Horoscopes

Last update on August 7, 2014
A daily horoscope gives you insight into your aspirations and challenges on a specific given date of the year. These insights are based on your astrological Sun Sign and relate to possibilities and conflicts that may await you on the day the horoscope is referring to. A Sun Sign is determined by the position of the sun in relationship to the planets of our solar system on the day a person was born.

The Sun Sign plays a large part in forming a person's basic nature, so in general that will be the personality of that individual on that specific day. An intuitive astrologer can give a person insight by understanding how their Sun Sign deals with events on a given day.

The 12 months that make up the year are the 12 different templates of the standard personality types that the horoscope can be based on. The days have their own astrological positioning. The possibilities of how an individual's day can play out based on that person's Sun Sign in relation to the day and month is a daily horoscope.

Unlike a weekly or monthly horoscope, which is based on a progression of events over a period of time, a daily horoscope is day-specific. You can see it as a captured moment surrounded by a slightly out-of-focus observation of the events that led up to it and the future events related to the outcome of events on the day in question.

A daily horoscope is like a frozen moment in time in contrast to a world in constant motion or an isolated comment that reflects on our general existence. A daily horoscope is unaffected by the past or aspirations of the future. The daily horoscope is based on being in the transcendental moment.
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