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Last update on August 7, 2014
Scorpio is a Water Sign, like Pisces and Cancer, and lives to experience and express its emotions. Although feelings are crucial to Scorpio, it shows them very differently than other Water Signs, preferring to keep things close to the chest. However, you can be sure that a Scorpio will keep your secrets, no matter what they are.

Pluto, planet of transformation and generational change, rules Scorpio. This slow moving planet gives Scorpio its cool, calm demeanor and its decidedly mysterious appeal. People often say Scorpios are intense, and this is because they're very in touch with how the universe works. Some Scorpios may even seem much older than their chronological years as they move through this lifetime. They make great leaders because they're so dedicated to whatever they're doing and, often, these natives are capable of making large-scale world changes with their verve and penetrating ideas.

The part of the body associated with Scorpio is the reproductive system. Though Scorpios are usually linked with sex, desire, and passion, they should keep an eye on this area of the body throughout their lives, to make sure they are healthy and strong. Scorpios can also make great changes to their health through their strong will and determination if need be.

Challenges can arise when Scorpios are challenged. Though people born under this sign usually hate dishonesty and subterfuge, they can be very jealous and distrusting at times, and may need to learn how to be a little more accepting. They can make excellent friends because of their brave nature, but need to learn how to be less secretive and share both their feelings and dreams with others. There's so much going on under the surface of a Scorpio native, you're not likely to know all of it during this lifetime.
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