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Survive a crisis

Last update on October 27, 2014 - Provided by Fern Feto Spring
How a psychic can help you during a time of great need, loss, or fear.
Psychics can provide counsel, support, and insight during uncertain times. If you could just have one survival tool outside of the skills to feed yourself, what could be more important than one that gives you an accurate understanding of what is going to happen, before it does?

We would certainly have many more survivors if every survival kit had an astute psychic in it, able to guide us in the right direction. Think about it: nothing could give you a better edge in a crisis than having a chance to prepare for it before the crisis even begins, and to know how it might play out.

Psychic popularity grows considerably during times of crisis when people become more and more uncertain of the stability of the world. Throughout history world leaders such as Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan used psychic advisers when peril was near. You can be sure, whenever there is a major global challenge, at least one of the prominent people involved will use a psychic as an adviser.

As soon as humans began to question the world around them and could articulate what they saw, psychic energy was involved in the interpretations. Psychic energy, (also called instinct), was one of our ancestors' main tools in solving crises. They learned by experience, but also psychically intuited information that gave them direction that they could not see or experience, but could only feel.

Our primitive ancestors sensed as much as they learned and used psychic called shamans to give them direction. Through the ages, psychics have foretold natural and manmade disasters. Nostradamus was one of many. Those who listened to their predictions survived or avoided the catastrophe, while others might have suffered or even perished.

When people are lost or trapped in collapsed buildings or cave-ins, the police often use psychics working together with dogs to locate them. Being able to find lost objects as well as people can be a very important skill in times of crisis. It can literally mean the difference between life and death. When crisis is the illness, sometimes psychics are the cure.

If there is a financial crisis, an accurate psychic can be invaluable. Now that we've realized that most stockbrokers are just making educated guesses, there are many psychics who have a better average than the traders. The right psychic can tell you when to buy and sell or just sit tight.

When things are good, people tend to question the world around them less. But when absolute truth begins to crumble, people start looking for other options. They want other ways to understand what is about to happen and psychics can fulfill that need.

Psychics can tap into energies most people don't even know exists. That is the essence of their gift, to be able to articulate and explain the direction energy is flowing in instead of forming their opinions from others' inspirations. Psychics are independent-minded people who think outside the box and tend not to follow the crowd. Instead, they look beyond the obvious explanations.

In times of crisis you usually need a sign to take a direction and that is what psychics are looking for; a subtle energy that can show you which way to go. When you look behind the veil of history you will find that psychics are an undervalued part of our past. Although they have often been chastised and silenced, psychics continue to speak out and can save lives.
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