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Last update on October 17, 2014 - Provided by Alexandra Chauran
Afraid to ask where a relationship stands? Find out what they're thinking before you have The Talk.
Is it time to sit down and have that big relationship talk - or are you going to spoil the surprise when your partner pops the question? Here's a guide to how to figure out when each sign is getting serious about a relationship.

Aries: An Aries is apt to come right out and tell you about how serious the relationship is getting. But, take this with a grain of salt. An impulsive Aries may exaggerate his or her love. You'll know when a Ram is really smitten when you tease out his/her gentle side.

Taurus: Is your Taurus planning ahead for a special date? You may want to prepare yourself for a deeper commitment! The resourceful and traditional sign likes to take the relationship to another level with flowers, chocolates, fancy dinner, and all the other cliches!

Gemini: Look at your Gemini's written communications for clues that he or she is getting really into you. Words are serious business to the Gemini, so that "love" signed off at the end of an e-mail or note to you was no mistake!

Cancer: Does your Cancer want a date tomorrow, and then the next day, and even the next? A Cancer shows his or her affections by wanting to spend more and more time with you in person, on the telephone, and online.

Leo: Are you amassing a small pile of presents from your Leo date? Are some of these gifts becoming more expensive? The Leo isn't trying to buy your love, but extra generosity and always offering to pay for dinner is how the Leo shows that you've won his or her heart.

Virgo: Ironically, the Virgo may criticize a date that he or she feels serious about more than somebody who is just a fling. The arguments only happen because the Virgo cares so much! So, if you get nagged, smile a little inside knowing that's because your Virgo wants you to stay.

Libra: As a Libra becomes more serious about a relationship, he or she wants to be a team with you, rather than separate individuals. So, if your Libra wants to share decisions, carpool, move in, or even pool your money together, you know this is serious business.

Scorpio: A Scorpio can tend to get a little oversensitive when he or she starts falling for someone. So, if your light-hearted jokes about your partner seem to suddenly cause hurt feelings, it isn't because you're getting meaner. It is because your Scorpio cares more about you.

Sagittarius: A Sagittarius is likely to tell you when the relationship is getting more serious. However, this may be hidden in his /her humor. If your Sagittarius is making a lot of silly jokes about marriage and kids, you can bet that those topics really are on his or her mind in a serious way.

Capricorn: It is very difficult to gain a Capricorn's trust, so signs of trust are the surest signal that the Capricorn is serious about you. If you find that your Capricorn lets you peek over his or her shoulder when typing passwords, or allows you access to his or her money, you're in.

Aquarius: It can be difficult to know when an Aquarius is getting serious since he or she may seem so serious about everything all the time. But, the Aquarius will let you know when he or she is in it for the long haul by suggesting practical things like combining cell phone plans.

Pisces: Is your Pisces becoming a little bit possessive and jealous? That's only happening because he or she is completely smitten with you. The passion of the Pisces can tend to get a little bit obsessive when his or her emotions turn to love.

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