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7 Ways To Make Wishes Come True

Last update on November 10, 2014 - Provided by
They say if you wish for something hard enough, it will come true. But here's a little extra help...
You could carry a rabbit's foot, which some say may bring good luck for you - although, alas, not for poor Peter Cottontail. Or pretend you're in a Disney film and "wish upon a star." But for those special desires that have the power to transform your life, consider one of these lucky seven techniques for empowering yourself through the magic of wishing.

Dandy Dandelions: When they're in season, search through your garden for the largest, fullest puffy dandelion you can find. Take a deep breath, focus on your wish and blow all the seeds off! Your wish may just come true.

11:11: Have you ever glanced at your digital clock and noticed it says 11:11? Next time, take the opportunity to make a wish at this magical time! Some say that 11:11 symbolizes the oneness of humanity. Caution: don't set your alarm for this time - trust fate that you will notice the time precisely at 11:11 and have that transcendental moment to make your wish come true.

It's Your Party: At some point - in theory - you're "too old" to expect a birthday cake, candles, and a crowd yelling, "Blow out your candles and make a wish!" Wrong. Every age is the perfect age for that cherished ritual. When that cake arrives in front of you, radiant with lit candles, close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out your candles in a single breath! After your party: silently write your wish on a piece of paper. Plant a flower seed and bury your wish with the seed. As the flower grows, your wish comes true.

Love That Gobbler: Eat turkey more often. Not only is it a great source of protein - but save the wishbone! After it has completely dried, persuade a friend or family member to play tug-of-war (uh, make that wishbone) with you. If you get the longer piece, your wish will be realized.

Learn Origami: This exquisite paper-folding art offers its own wish magic. According to a venerable Japanese legend, if you fold a thousand origami cranes, a crane will grant your wish.

Wishing Bundle: Take a shoe box, a silver candle, and a silver ribbon. Put together symbols of what you are wishing for - for example, if it's a new job, you could put together some Monopoly money, a miniature briefcase, and a doll decked out in a career outfit. On the night of a Full Moon, put those items in front of you and light the candle. Focus on your wish and put the items in the box, saying your wish out loud. Then tie the ribbon around the box and hide it in a place known to you. Keep it secure until your wish becomes realized.

How Charming: If you love jewelry, you'll love this wish-come-true tip. You'll need a plain chain bracelet in gold or silver. Visualizing your wish, select charms that symbolize your desire. Long for a new apartment that will let you have pets? Choose charms such as a miniature poodle, a tiny kitten, and a small vase of flowers. Wear your charm bracelet until your wish comes true.

Best wishes!
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