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Are You Financially Compatible?

Last update on October 28, 2014 - Provided by Kathy Watts
Managing your money is more important than ever these days - is your mate helping or hurting?
There are probably as many ways of handling (and mishandling) money as there are people, but astrology gives you a few generalizations that might help you decide if your partner thinks about money in a complementary way with you.

Ideally, you want to know the Zodiac Sign that rules your partner's Second House (the part of the sky that rules our own material possessions). Regardless, you can still get a peek at your partner's money sense from the ruling, fixed element - Fire, Earth, Air, or Water - of their Sun Sign.

Fire Sign people are passionate, restless, energetic, and often control freaks. Aries is a born entrepreneur who will always find a way to make money, and thinks money is to be spent and reinvested. Leo thinks that money is to be spent, too. Although Leo can earn a lot and is a great provider (especially for children), there will always be a good time or gamble that needs to be taken. Sagittarius believes that money is to be used, often for entertaining or charity purposes, although investing is also a good use for money, too. Sagittarius is also very industrious at finding ways to earn a lot from normally low-income businesses.

Earth Sign people understand the security and power that money brings. Taurus may not be the biggest earner but is often one of the biggest savers, investing when possible. Virgo can watch the pennies as well as the dollars, and is offended by waste. This sign is also extremely clever at spotting business opportunities that are often overlooked because they seem too modest. Capricorn is extremely hard working and money-conscious, even frugal. Investments and managing real estate are natural skills for Capricorn.

Air Sign people see money as a means of exchange and treat it as something of an abstraction. Gemini earns what's needed for all those changing interests and adventures that keep life fascinating. While greatly industrious day to day, Gemini is not into thinking about tomorrow. Libra is naturally indecisive and not especially practical but will work hard to satisfy the needs of others, not only to keep the peace but also to provide pleasant things. Aquarius takes a broad look at money and idealistically feels that if anyone has money, then everyone does. Since this attitude will not pay the personal bills, Aquarius can be as hard-nosed and practical about meeting money obligations, present and future, as any sign.

Water Sign people are emotional, with changeable opinions but deep-rooted personal prejudices. Cancer will make sure to provide for home and family, even to the point of sacrificing career goals for work that brings more urgently needed income. Scorpio is a mixed bag of extravagance and frugality. Outrageous passions are not cheap, and sometimes they take priority over more practical personal expenses like health and retirement. Pisces appreciates the flow of money and can attract as well as spend it. Pisces also will do without rather deprive a loved one. No one is more giving than a Pisces.

Bad finances have probably ruined as many relationships as infidelities. Still, if you think you're financially incompatible, don't despair. Discussion, the willingness to be flexible, and basic all-out love for one another can work magic to fix almost anything. Besides, money may be the foundation of our economy, society, and daily life... but, really, is money everything? You get to decide.
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