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Kathy Watts

Kathy Watts has been doing astrology and stargazing for more than 40 years. Her traditional style of astrology is strongly inspired by the work of Johannes Kepler. In a previous career incarnation, she was a seismic analyst who located and computed magnitudes for earthquakes, with and without the use of computers. Her monthly column, "Heads Up: The Writer's Astrological Almanac," appears at, a site dedicated to traditional astrology. "Heads Up Astrology" is also a monthly magazine page on Facebook.

She's a Tenth House Leo Sun with the Moon in Scorpio, so of course she spends a lot of time examining a lot of dark clouds in search of silver, if not golden, linings. The study of lunar returns is also one of her specialties. You can find her as "kdirewolf" on Twitter.

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