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Irina Shayk

Born: 1/6/1986 - Yemanzhelinsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia
There's no denying that raven-haired Russian beauty Irina has massive sex appeal, which is probably the main reason she attracted famous boyfriend and European football star Cristiano Ronaldo! To say that that's all there is to her would be very wrong, however; her Capricorn Sun contributes to her goal-oriented and efficient businesslike manner, and her Scorpio Moon shows us that she has a keen investigative and curious nature, and is intuitive about people's characters and motivations.
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These stars show that beauty comes naturally to Goats
Posted by Amalie Stubbs on October 31, 2016
These Capricorns are famous for walking the runway, setting fashion trends, and making fans swoon...

Kate Moss - She's been modeling since she was 14 and embodied the "heroin chic" trend for her waifish, edgy look. She's remained successful in modelling through time, scandal, and other ventures.
Christy Turlington - The iconic face of Calvin Klein and Maybelline, she's also a model mother and humanitarian. Beautiful inside and out!
Irina Shayk - This Russian model is known for her many appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, including the 2011 cover.
Kate Bosworth - She's a model, actress, and singer who perhaps achieved the most fame after losing a significant (aka scary) amount of weight off her once-athletic frame, catapulting her into the high fashion world.

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