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Think you're the wrong sign?

Think you're the wrong sign?

Posted in HOROSCOPE ARTICLES on January 25, 2010
Provided by Kathy Watts
Try one of these twelve visualizations to help you connect more closely with your Sun Sign.

The Sun Sign is the finest and best astrological expression of who and what we are, what we have to offer, and how we deliver it. Some of us are totally comfortable with our Sun Sign. Others aspire to better embody the qualities their Sun Sign represents. Some want to identify with their Sun Sign but don't yet feel ready or capable. Others feel disconnected and alienated from their Sun Sign.

Our Sun Sign is the symbol of your character. Developing character isn't easy. Sometimes it's easier to fall back on your emotional default, your Moon Sign. Or, it's simpler to be what others expect and we project our Rising Signs. Use these twelve visualizations to meditate on You - your character - your Sun Sign.

You are the flame on a candle. Persistent, energetic, and eager, you bravely stand and shine. Aries the Ram is the embodiment of do-it-yourself, and you do.

Luxuriate in the most fragrant mud bath spa. The Earth speaks to you and you absorb it through the pores of your skin. Lasting quality and beauty take time, and Taurus the Bull will not be rushed.

Be the soaring bird. Swift, agile, keen, and sharp, your wings instantly take you everywhere. Gemini flies above it all, hearing all and missing nothing.

Stretch out on a warm, sandy beach. Cancer the Crab loves the smell of the sea, and the calmness that comes from the surf, the tide, and the whole ocean. Know the deep feeling of being at home with yourself.

Be a star like the Sun. Shine endlessly of your own power, radiating out into space. Feel your heart expand as Leo the Lion becomes pure light. No one can stop you.

Step into the garden and feel how every little thing grows. You cultivate, nurture, and keep it all going. Virgo the Virgin understands how important the details of life are, and how fragile it all is. Every leaf and petal appreciates you.

Visualize the Sun setting as the Full Moon rises on the first day of spring (or autumn). On these two days of the year, day and night are equal - twelve hours of each - all over the world. Libra the Scales stands in the center, arms outstretched, and holds the whole world in balance.

Be an erupting volcano. The molten rock from the Earth's mantle is channeled through you, up to the Earth's surface, where it spreads out in a blanket of new land, or meets water and explodes. Scorpio the Scorpion embodies this hidden power from the depths, to create and destroy.

At the grandest banquet, you are the host. Every guest is charmed and satisfied by your generosity and elegance. Sagittarius the Archer answers every question with ease and grace. You are the natural leader, due to your expertise and skill with people, time, place, and circumstance.

You are a mountain climber, but not a reckless one. As Capricorn the Goat approaches the summit, rocks tumble under foot, but there's no fear or distress. The air is crisp, the sky clear, and you are in your element. One careful step at a time, your success is certain.

Be the lightning bolt. Out of stormy darkness comes a flash of electricity. Now thunder and rain can follow. Without the Water Bearer, there is no progress and everything is dull and dismal.

Imagine an ocean of music with rich, strong currents that are melodies and harmonies to touch the heart and soothe the mind. Be that magical Fish who swims through the feelings and yearnings of the world.


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