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Stop falling for lies!

Stop falling for lies!

Posted in PSYCHIC ARTICLES on May 6, 2010
Provided by Alexandra Chauran
Worried your lover might be cheating, or that someone is misleading you? Many trust psychic readings with an online, phone, or in-person psychic to help detect lies. Ironically, many clients are intuitive themselves, and are merely looking for a second opinion to verify that they are not overreacting or being too suspicious. How can you hone your own ability to tell when you've got a bald-faced liar on your hands and when you're just being paranoid?

Lying has been studied for centuries and is still extensively studied today. If a scientist can't look at a person and determine whether he or she is lying without a polygraph test or sodium thiopental, don't beat yourself up if you can't tell if somebody is lying by mannerisms alone. Even though movements, speech cadence, and eye contact may change when a person lies, there is no cut-and-dry rule for detecting dishonesty.

It is the change in mannerisms that is a tip-off about a liar. This can be helpful if you are highly familiar with the subject, such as a spouse or your child, but it doesn't help you at all with those whom you are less familiar, like a boss or a car salesman.

The first way to use your psychic powers to detect lying is to rely on your very first impression. The moment that someone we care about lies to us, our brains begin working hard to agree with the lie. After all, most of the time we'd love the lie to be true!

Any time somebody shares good news instead of bad news, our brains can be a million miles away from the moment, making other plans. It can be easy to knock away the momentary "he's lying" that creeps across your brain the instant he opened his mouth

Science supports your first impressions as well. Slip-ups with facial displays of emotion that happen in just a fraction of a second are called micro-expressions and cannot be controlled. They confirm the true feelings of the person involved. Even if you don't know the person well enough to tell if his or her usual demeanor has changed significantly, you can listen to those gut feelings as well as stay on the alert for micro-expressions.

Another change that happens instantly, along with invisible cues such as heart rate and perspiration, is in the person's aura. An aura is a subtle but perceptible color, mix of colors, or feeling that surrounds living people.

If you are unfamiliar with aura viewing, it is important to practice on willing participants before beginning to use it as a lie detection tool. Find someone who is familiar with working with spiritual life "energy," or chi, have him or her sit in a chair in front of a white background - preferably wearing white clothing - and tell this person to push out or intensify the aura as much as he or she can. Seat yourself comfortably nearby, and softly un-focus your eyes and wait to notice a layer of colors surrounding the person.

After you've practiced aura viewing on people in ideal circumstances, you can try it in your regular life. When a person begins lying, you will notice an immediate flash of change throughout the entire aura. It may begin near the throat area and spread to the entire aura affecting the hue, intensity, thickness, and character of the aura dramatically. The only way for even a skilled practitioner to hide this would be to retract the aura or shield it so that you cannot see it at all.

If you notice the change happening in someone and you also get a gut feeling something isn't right, you can quickly become a skilled psychic lie detector! Use it to confirm your hunches, and to call liars on their bluff right away!


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