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Dreaming About Past Lives?

Dreaming About Past Lives?

Posted in HOROSCOPE ARTICLES on October 26, 2010
Provided by Fern Feto Spring
Do you believe in past lives? Well, if you do, you're not alone. A belief in past lives is one of the most commonly shared philosophies on the planet, most notably recognized by Buddhist and Hindu religions.

To believe that we can remember a past life means that we also believe that beings reincarnate, or come into another body after their current body dies. Experiences from past lives can be stored away in a part of the mind that transcends life and death. Many people believe that dreams are the pathway to where the information about past lives is stored, and there is evidence that this is possible.

To use our dreams to see our past lives, we first have to understand how dreams work. Dreams are a place where the filters that protect us from being overwhelmed by too much stimulation and information sometimes drop their guard.

The theory goes that in this more open state of mind, fragments from past lives can appear like an image floating up to the surface from the depths of our minds. Sometimes people dream of themselves at a different time in history, but often we only get a fragment of an experience. Then our mind and imagination tries to solidify the thought so we can recognize it in a conscious state.

There are also people who believe they were someone famous or very specific like Marie Antoinette or Napolean in a past life. These people may have distinct memories of the time they lived in history.

Many ancient cultures believe that we have to be all kinds of beings in past lives in order to evolve into a more conscious and aware state. In the Hindu belief, for example, we weren't always just human beings but also animals of many kinds. Because of this, if an animal constantly appears in our dreams, the belief is that these animal dreams are remnants of memories from living as that creature in a past life.

Individuals who have a strong emotional reaction to something they see in a dream may be experiencing an emotional memory from a past life along with a visual image. These dreamers have the ability to feel, instead of see, the specific person they once were in a dream and therefore remember the feeling through another's affliction. A way to benefit from this kind of past life recognition is by helping those who suffer from this hardship using your experience and knowledge from your past life.

Tibetan lamas have actually figured out a clever way to test for past lives. One of the Buddhists' tests for choosing the Dalai Lama is based on this principle. A child must be able to choose without mistake a series of objects prized by the former Dalai Lama. These objects are believed to be a reincarnation of their past lives. The chosen child may do this by intuition or by seeing the objects in their dreams.

You can apply this same principle to test your own past life dreams if your dreams have people, events, and objects from a historical moment in history. By researching these object and individuals you may find that they were actually present at the historic time you dreamt about.

History can often validate your past life dreams. Learning about the particular historic time you dream of is one of the best ways to learn about your past lives. And remember, the more you experience, the more your dreams will reveal the lives you've lived.


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